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The NVS Door is now the cost-efficient replacement for the steel-stiffened door and gives you MORE STRENGTH with LESS STEEL

steel-stiffened door cutaway

Steel Stiffened Door

STRENGTHStandard Strength
AESTHETICS"Pock Mark" or "Cigarette Burn" Blemishes can distort the face sheets due to the manufacturing process, and will often show through finish paint
WEIGHTAdds 80 to 90 lbs. of weight to the door, making it very difficult for job site handling and causing major wear and tear on the door hardware.
COSTAdds significant costs to any size door and adds even more cost to hardware as "heavyweight" hardware is needed to adequately handle the weight.
NVS insert image

NVS Fully Continuously-Welded Door

STRENGTH 3X's Stronger than a standard door
AESTHETICS Smooth face sheets, completely bonded to the NVS core, creating strength, durability, and finished paint aesthetics which are unrivaled.
WEIGHT Standard weight of a 14, 16, or 18 guage door. Less Steel = Less Weight = Less Stress on the opening, the hardware, & the installer.
COST The automated NVS Production Technology allows us to build STRONGER DOORS, FASTER, with LESS LABOR. And at the end of the day, that results in BETTER PRICING, on a BETTER PRODUCT.


When paired with the DURABILITY of the patented NVS seam, backed by a lifetime structural weld warranty, the NEW Mesker NVS CORE adds even more strength to the door. This core is at the center of the strongest door in the industry.

The NEW NVS Core has been utilized in other applications requiring strength, such as:

The NEW NVS CORE provides the rigidity to absorb impact to the face of the door, better than a steel stiffened core, as it creates structural support along the entire face of the door – not just intermittently where stiffeners are found, as in steel stiffened doors. This CORE adds dimensional strength, compressional strength and helps create the power behind the NVS Door, which is 3X’s stronger than the industry standard door.